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Charred Remains (1982)

Charred Remains compilation cassette

Label: Version Sound

Catalogue#: C60001

1. Pain

2. Hate Me



One of the most important compilation tapes from early 1982 which also features the likes of Husker Du, Void, AOF and many more. The cassette came with a fold-out cover and was also accompanied by a small booklet and pre-dates the Cows and Beer 7", the relationship build during the bands' contact with Version Sound leading to the release of the seminal 7". There are two different versions, the first having a less comprehensive info pack.

1. VOID "Condensed Flesh"
2. VOID "War Hero"
3. HÜSKER DÜ "Bricklayer"
4. 5051 "Too Late"
5. REBEL TRUTH "All I Know"
6. REBEL TRUTH "Dreams of a Boy"
7. REBEL TRUTH "In The Red"
8. REBEL TRUTH "Reagan Youth"
9. PERSONALITY CRISIS "Wonder What They're Thinking"
12. SIN 34 "Runaway"
13. SIN 34 "Not No Fun"
14. VIOLENT APATHY "Real World"
15. VIOLENT APATHY "Hunger Strike"
16. VIOLENT APATHY "Hypocrite"
17. DOGS OF WAR "Crime Watch/Block Parents"
18. MISGUIDED "Doomsday"
19. ARTICLES OF FAITH "Street Fight"

20. DIE KREUZEN "Pain"
21. DIE KREUZEN "Hate Me"
22. DOUBLE O "The End"
23. ARTICLES OF FAITH "Ghost In The House"
24. ARTICLES OF FAITH "Poison In My Sweat"
29. TOXIC REASONS "Somebody Help Me"
30. UXB "El Salvador Stomp"


The Mastertape LP (1982)

The Mastertape compilation LP

Label: Affirmation

Catalogue#: AFF001

1. On the Street

2. All White

3. Get 'Em

Notes: Another vitally important compilation that helped spread the Die Kreuzen word further than it had reached previously. The version of All White is often cited as the definitive version, thanks to it's scratchy, raw sound, compared to the version found on the 1st album.

A large double sided fold-out poster insert came with all copies of the album, which also features the likes of the FU's, AOF, Repellents, Learned Helplessness etc. 1000 copies.


1. TOXIC REASONS "Mercenary"
2. TOXIC REASONS "Drunk and Disorderly"
3. SLAMMIES "Frustrated"
5. SLAMMIES "Manager Breakdown"
6. BATTERED YOUTH "New Patriot"
7. BATTERED YOUTH "We'll Love You When You're Dead"
8. DELINQUENTS "Bible School"
9. DELINQUENTS "Systems Pressure"
10. ZERO BOYS "High Places"
11. ZERO BOYS "Human Body"
12. ZERO BOYS "Mom's Wallet"
13. ARTICLES OF FAITH "Buried Alive"
14. ARTICLES OF FAITH "False Security"
15. REPELLENTS "Think For Yourself"
16. REPELLENTS "Livin' Like an Animal"
18. THE F.U.'S "C.E.T.A. Suckers"
19. THE F.U.'S "Death Wish"
20. THE PATTERN "Unnatural Silence"
21. THE PATTERN "Michelob"
22. DIE KREUZEN "On the Street"
23. DIE KREUZEN "All White"
24. DIE KREUZEN "Fighting"


Let Them Drink Milk (1982)


Let Them Drink Milk compilation cassette

Label: Geef Voor

Catalogue#: Geef Voor 40

1. Fighting

2. This Hope



Compilation tape celebrating the diverse alternative scene in Wisconsin in (late) 1982.

The version of This Hope is the same as that an the "official" 1982 demo tape (the one with the crosses cover).

Thanks to Eric Blowtorch for supplying this rarest of compilations.


America's Dairyland (1983)

America's Dairyland compilation cassette

Label: Last Rites

Catalogue#: LR 002

1. Think For Me

2. Enemies

3. Rumors


There were two different versions of this comp, the first produced by Pat Shanahan featuring 41 songs, the second produced by Last Rites fanzine and featured an extra Suburban Mutilation song.



The tape once again showcases some of Wisconsin's finest, including Die Kreuzen, Sacred Order, the Tar Babies, No, Mecht Mensch, Crusties and The Clitboys amongst others:

1. DIE KREUZEN "Think For Me"
2. DIE KREUZEN "Enemies"
3. G.F.O. "Not Fair"
4. G.F.O. "Police Raid"
5. G.F.O. "Begin to End"
6. G.F.O. "Girl Problems"
8. SUBURBAN MUTILATION "Plastic Chicken"
11. MALIGNANCE "Interagation"
12. MALIGNANCE "Frozen Popsicle"
13. MALIGNANCE "It's Too Bad"
14. CRUSTIES "Stankin Muckworm"
15. CRUSTIES "Dairyland Youth"
16. CRUSTIES "Who Cares So What"
17. CRUSTIES "Farmer Vick"
18. NO "Anti-Christ"
19. NO "Joker's Wild"
20. DIE KREUZEN "Rumors"
21. MECHT MENSCH "Killer Klowns"
22. MECHT MENSCH "What's Right"
23. MECHT MENSCH "Free Animals"
24. TAR BABIES "Boredom's A Fact Of Life"
25. TAR BABIES "Red White And Blue"
26. SACRED ORDER "Cowboy Intro"
27. SACRED ORDER "You Bastard"
28. SACRED ORDER "Erik Estrada"
29. DISDAIN "Killer Kops"
30. DISDAIN "School"
31. DISDAIN "Apartments"
32. IMMINENT ATTACK "We Are Not Alone"
34. IMMINENT ATTACK "Bad Habits"
35. N.F.O.D. "Shock"
36. N.F.O.D. "Stand Your Ground"
37. N.F.O.D. "Intelectual"
38. CLITBOYS "We Don't Play Their Game"
39. CLITBOYS "Slogan Boys"
40. CLITBOYS "I Hate The K.K.K."
41. BACK STAB "No Rules"
42. JUVENILE THRASH "Seek and Destroy"
43. NO "American School System"

Code Blue Cassette (1984)

Code Blue compilation cassette

Label: Last Rites

Catalogue#: LR 003

1. Fuckups

2. Live Wire

3. Champs (Wire)


Notes: The final cassette compilation featuring Die Kreuzen on the Last Rites fanzine/label. Worthy in particular for the cover of Wire's "Champs", which, as with the other two tracks, was recorded on a boom-box, and shreds the original. Perfectly suited for the DieK sound.

The lineup on this comp is a veritable who's-who of classic hardcore, with comp stalwarts AOF featuring, alongside Husker Du, Naked Raygun, Big Black, The FU's, White Flag, Rights of the Accused etc.


1. NADSAT REBEL "Nosferatu"
2. NADSAT REBEL "Bounty Hunter"
3. F.U.'S "Ode To Larry Joe" (live 7/82)
4. RIGHTS OF THE ACCUSED "No Fun Till I'm 21"
6. WHITE FLAG "Festive Shapes"
7. WHITE FLAG "Paranoid"
8. WHITE FLAG "Question Of Intelligence"
9. NO RESPONSE "No Future Blues"
12. ARTICLES OF FAITH "Buy This War" (live 1/6/84)
13. ARTICLES OF FAITH "Surrogate" (live 1/6/84)
14. ARTICLES OF FAITH "In Your Suit" (live 1/6/84)
15. SUBURBAN MUTILATION "Menschen Begin"
16. DIE KREUZEN "Fuck Up"
17. DIE KREUZEN "Live Wire"
18. DIE KREUZEN "Champs"
19. OUT OF ORDER "Concerned"
20. OUT OF ORDER "Survival Of The Fittest"
22. NAKED RAYGUN "Only In America"
23. BIG BLACK "Texas" (live 11/83)
24. SACRED ORDER "You Bastards"
25. SACRED ORDER "I'm Busy Lying"
26. HÜSKER DÜ "In A Free Land" (live 12/28/82)
27. HÜSKER DÜ "Target" (live 12/28/82)
28. HÜSKER DÜ "It's Not Funny Anymore" (live 12/28/82)
29. FLESH COLUMNS "Verbal Abuse"
30. FLESH COLUMNS "Pay The Lord"

Badger-A-Go-Go LP/CD 1989

Badger-A-Go-Go LP/CD

Label: Atomic Records

Catalogue#: ARC12002 (LP)/ARC002 (CD)

1. Seasons of Wither (original version)


The vinyl version came in lovely blue vinyl in it's initial pressing of 2000, with a subsequent pressing of black vinyl. A showcase for the local scene, this was released by Atomic Records, the label based out of the Atomic Records store, run for many years by Richard Menning, which often provided a place of employment for DieK members who were between tours.


 A1 Liquid Pink – Danelectro         
A2 Plasticland – I'm Gonna Emphasize         
A3 Squares – Downer Street         
A4 Dummy Club – The American Way         
A5 Boy Dirt Car – K.I.D.     
A6 Paul Cebar & The Milwakeeans* – Can't Sit Down     
A7 Die Kreuzen – Seasons Of Wither (Original Version)       

B1 Couch Flambeau – Helvetica
B2 Blowtorch – Grievance In F#m     
B3 Cherry Cake – Mrs. Wilson     
B4 F/i – Stop At The Left...Look To The Right     
B5 Appliances-SFB – Play With Pain     
B6 Brian Ritchie & Ghostly Trio – Blood On The Saddle     
B7 E-I-E-L-O – Gonna Get Some (Alternate Take)     
B8 Voot Warnings – My Mother Still Likes Me

Sugar Daddy Live Split Series Vol.5 12" (2012)

Sugar Daddy Live Split Series Vol.5 12"

Label: Amphetamine Reptile

Catalogue#: Scale 130

1. In School (live)


Part of the expansive "Sugar Daddy Live" split 12"'s. Limited to 700 copies, 350 of which were on clear/splatter colored vinyl.















A1 Melvins – Kicking Machine

B1 Negative Approach – Sick Of Talk
B2 Die Kreuzen – In School
B3 Necros – IQ32

Lest We Forget - Our Night To Remember  CD 2012

Lest We Forget - Our Night To Remember CD

Label: Push Button Gadget

Catalogue#: ARC12002 (LP)/ARC002 (CD)

1. Number 3 (live)

2. All White (live)


Released as a commemoration to the commemoration show "Lest We Forget" at the Turner Hall, Milwaukee 05-26-2012.

All the acts who played that night were recorded and are featured on the CD.

The CD comes with two stickers.

Liv Mueller - Haunted Face
Xposed 4Heads - Nice Guy
Rock-A-Dials - Love Heart Attack
Rock-A-Dials - Sex to Get Love
3XCleavers - Dirges For the Dead
3XCleavers - Smooth, Wild and Dirty
The Dominoes - Local Disaster
The Dominoes - Chiquita
3 On Fire - How Many, How Long?
3 On Fire - 'till Always
Tense Experts - No Turbulence
Tense Experts - Seems Like Cold Weather
Sacred Order - I Just Do
Sacred Order - The Right to Be Poor and Radical
Sacred Order - Three Testes
Sacred Order - International House of Death
Die Kreuzen - Number Three
Die Kreuzen - All White
The Lubricants - Alive Power/Cissy Is Bitch
The Lubricants - Kaka Brain Kid
Dummy Club - Teenage Corpse
St. Bernard - My Baby Went to the Bahamas

Amphetamine Reptile "Bash 13" 10"/CD (2013)

"Bash 13" 10"/CD

Label: Amphetamine Reptile

Catalogue#: AmRep 092

1. Continuous Dogs


6-track 10" or CD featuring the bands that played at AmRep's 13h "Bash", including Melvins, Mudhoney and Negative Approach. There are two vinyl versions of this, limited to 200 and 500 copies respectively. The 200 copies version was available at the live show at Grumpy's, Minneapolis 07-20-2013 and has a more "solid" looking 3 color vinyl thing going on, the other is more of a spattery affair, available via mail order.

The vinyl is already long gone, even we don't have one... CD may still be available from AmRep, go see...









A1 Melvins – American Cow
A2 Mudhoney – Fix Me
A3 Negative Approach – Borstal Breakout


B1 Gay Witch Abortion – Lepidopteran
B2 Die Kreuzen – Continuous Dogs
B3 Hepa-Titus – Dress Ache


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