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Die Kreuzen
Venue: (LoriB-h2o-weldermatt)@Goofy's Upper Deck
Location: Minneapolis, MN
Date: 1982-11-13
Media: CDR(1)
Sets: 46 mins+
Grade: B+

Source/Lineage: Audience Master (Sony D5) > unknown pc transfer > untracked .wav file > NeroWave Editor > HDD

Taped by Lori B.
Transferred by h2o
Tracking by weldermatt

1. On The Street
2. Enemies
3. No Name
4. Fuckups
5. In School
6. Hate Me
7. All White
8. Rumors
9. This Hope
10. Not Anymore
11. Dirt and Decay
12. Think For Me
13. No Time
14. Sick People
15. Pain
16. Mannequin
17. Fighting
18. Live Wire
19. I'm Tired
20. Champs
21. Don't Say Please
22. Get 'em
23. -encore break-
24. Hate Me
25. Not Anymore
26. Dirt and Decay

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Artist: Die Kreuzen
Venue: (MikeEidle)@La Casa de la Raza
Location: Santa Barbara, CA
Date: 1984-10-06
Media: CDR(1)
Sets: 36+ mins
Grade: A

Source/Lineage: SBD cassette (low-gen) > CDR (unknown transfer) > .WAV (Audacity - splits) > FLAC (Level 8)

Supplied by Mike Eidle (Freedomhasnobounds blog)

1. No Name
2. Get 'em
3. On The Street
4. Imagine A Light
5. Fighting
6. It's Been So Long
7. Dirt And Decay
8. Hate Me
9. Pain
10. Rumors
11. I'm Tired
12. Uncontrolled Passion
13. Conditioned
14. Sick People
15. Don't Say Please
16. All White
17. This Hope
18. Live Wire
19. Open Lines
20. Think For Me


download La Casa, Santa Barbara, CA. 1984-10-06



Venue: (LoriB-h2o-weldermatt)@First Avenue
Location: Minneapolis, MN
Date: 1985-12-11
Media: CDR(1)
Sets: 42 mins+
Grade: B+

Source/Lineage: Audience Master (Sony D5) > unknown pc transfer > untracked .wav file > NeroWave Editor > HDD

Taped by Lori B.
Transferred by h2o
Tracking by weldermatt

Some chat to be heard here and there, some guy talking crap to Lori...

1. Man in the Trees
2. Conditioned
3. Red to Green
4. This Hope
5. It's Been So Long
6. There's A Place
7. Rumors
8. Hide and Seek
9. Open Lines
10. Among the Ruins
11. Uncontrolled Passion
12. Imagine A Light
13. Live Wire
14. Cool Breeze (cuts in)
15. Counting Cracks
16. Hear and Feel
17. Melt


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Die Kreuzen
Jockey Club (Electric)
Newport, KY

June 6th 1986

Recorded by Pat "Electric" Patton (The Slobs)

Sony D6 - Aud (M) - CDR (unknown transfer) - Flac (DBPoweramp)

1) Man In The Trees
2) It's Been So Long
3) Hide And Seek
4) These Days
5) Number Three
6) Stomp
7) Bitch Magnet
8) Different Ways
9) Red To Green
10) Rumors
11) Melt


 download Jockey Club, Newport, KY 6-6-1986


Caveat Emptor! (read this!)

This show is in .flac file format.


Why not mp3?

Well, as you may or may not know, mp3 compresses the audio data. This means some of the frequencies are cut out to enable a small sized file. Of course, in physical terms, that means you lose many high and low end sounds.

Because almost all live shows recorded by an audience member are not comparable in quality to a band's live album, the last thing you'd want to do is make it worse by cutting half the sounds out, right?

That's where .flac comes in. It's a lossless audio file format, so whatever was on the tape, that's whatcha get on your CD... It's a smaller filesize than .wav, so we can keep the downloads at a reasonable size, but still present shows to you in the highest quality.

That's why I'm be using .flac. Only the bestestest for Die Kreuzen!


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