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Roadburn 2013@YouTube

The band's first shows in Europe since 1990, and the advances in technology since those heady days mean we all get to share a little of the joy, thanks to the good uploaders who share their wares at YouTube...


 Main Stage, 013 Venue, Tilburg, Netherlands  04-20-2013


 Earthquakes (Filmed by Mathias Nielsen)


Heaven (Filmed by kkpgijsbers)


Big Bad Days (Filmed by kkpgijsbers)


Pain/Sick People (Filmed by Mathias Nielsen)


Sick People, Number 3, Gone Away, In School (Filmed by Punkrack)


Gone Away (Filmed by arthanarius)


Melt (Filmed by Mathias Nielsen)


Green Room, 013 Venue, Tilburg, Netherlands 04-21-2013


 It's Been So Long/Get 'Em (Filmed by Kai Mauseth)


  Get 'em, On the Street, Open Lines, Gone Away (Filmed by iceaxvideo)


Stomp (Filmed by Mathias Nielsen)


In School (Filmed by Mathias Nielsen)


 Best Goodbye (Filmed by GigBreeder)


 Cool Breeze (Filmed by Mathias Nielsen)


Continuous Dogs (Filmed by Mathias Nielsen)


Man in the Trees (Filmed by Mathias Nielsen)



 Earthquakes (Filmed by kkpgijsbers)


 All White (Filmed by kkpgijsbers)


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