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Die Kreuzen Timeline

This is woefully incomplete! If you have any flyers, articles, reviews, shows, (audio or video), anecdotes or recollections, please, please get in touch...

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1981 (Stellas)
1981-02-06    Starship, Milwaukee, WI   (w/Tense Experts, Prosecutors)   F
1981-04-24    Starship, Milwaukee, WI   (w/DOA)   F
1981-06-04    Starship, Milwaukee, WI        (w/X)        F
1981-06-06    Starship, Milwaukee, WI        (w/CIA)
1981-07-17    Starship, Milwaukee, WI        (w/Black Flag)    F
1981-09-04    Starship, Milwaukee, WI   (w/X Cleavers)
1981-09-05    Palms, Milwaukee, WI    (w/The Appliances, Oil Tasters, Tense Experts)    F
1981-09-06    Starship, Milwaukee, WI   (w/The Alleycats)
1981-09-28    Starship, Milwaukee, WI   (w/Black Flag)    F
1981-11-05    Starship, Milwaukee, WI   (w/TSOL)   F
(Die Kreuzen)
1981-12-10    Starship, Milwaukee, WI        (W/Effigies)    F

1982-03-07    The Exit, Chicago, IL   (w/Naked Raygun, Trial By Fire)
1982-03-11    Starship, Milwaukee, WI   (w/The Gun Club)   F
1982-03-13    Starship, Milwaukee, WI   (w/Tense Experts)   F
1982-03-19    Starship, Milwaukee, WI   (w/Flipper, Zero Boys)   F P
1982-04-01    C.O.D., Chicago, IL   (w/Effigies)   F
1982-04-09    Starship. Milwaukee, WI   (w/Zero Boys)
1982-04-15    Starship. Milwaukee, WI   (w/Bad Brains)    F
1982-05-21    Palms, Milwaukee, WI   (w/Sacred Order, TSOL)   F
1982-05-30    Stone Toad, Milwaukee, WI   (w/An Attempt)    F
1982-06-03    Starship, Milwaukee, WI   (w/Circle Jerks)   F
1982-06-05    Starship, Milwaukee, WI   (w/Sacred Order, An Attempt, Prosecutors)   F
1982-06-19    Starship, Milwaukee, WI   (w/Deliriants, Disorderly Conduct)   F
1982-06-20    Starship, Milwaukee, WI   (w/Black Flag, Saccharine Trust, Deleriants)   F
1982-07-13    Niko's, Milwaukee, WI
1982-07-14    Irene J's, Milwaukee, WI   (w/Flesheaters)
1982-07-16    Surf 'n' Turf, Milwaukee, WI   (w/Deliriants, Oil Tasters, Mecht Mensch)    F
1982-07-17    Irene J's, Milwaukee, WI   (w/Sacred Order, Deleriants)    F
1982-08-03    Top of the Hills, Milwaukee, WI   (w/Dead Kennedys, Sacred Order)   F
1982-08-14    Niko's, Milwaukee, WI   (w/Sacred Order)   F
1982-08-28    Surf 'n' Turf, Milwaukee, WI   (w/Mecht Mensch, Tar Babies)   F
1982-09-10    Big House, Minneapolis, MN
1982-09-11    'Cows and Beer' recording session, Traum Studios, Milwaukee, WI
1982-09-11    Lincoln Arcade, Milwaukee, WI   (w/Trial By Fire, Suburban Mutilation, Sacred Order)   F
1982-09-18    Niko's, Milwaukee, WI   (w/Sacred Order)   F
1982-09-24    Top of the Hills, Milwaukee, WI   (w/Black Flag, Sacred Order)    F
1982-09-26    Top of the Hills, Milwaukee, WI   (w/Bad Brains)
1982-10-03    Merlyn's, Madison, WI    (w/Mecht Mensch, Tar Babies)
1982-10-22    Niko's, Milwaukee, WI   (w/Articles of Faith)   F
1982-11-12    UWN Ballroom, Milwaukee, WI   (w/Sacred Order)   F
1982-11-13    Goofy's Upper Deck, Minneapolis, MN   (w/Mecht Mensch, Tar Babies)   F A
1982-11-16    Madison Community Centre, Madison, WI   (w/Mecht Mensch)
1982-11-24    Stone Toad, Milwaukee, WI   (w/Couch Potatoes)
1982-11-26    Niko's, Milwaukee, WI   (w/Tense Experts)
1982-11-27    Niko's, Milwaukee, WI   (w/Clitboys)
1982-12-03    Niko's, Milwaukee, WI        (w/White Trash)        F
1982-12-16    Niko's, Milwaukee, WI   (w/The Crucifucks, Tar Babies, Mecht Mensch)    F
1982-12-17    Niko's, Milwaukee, WI   (w/The Crucifucks)    F
1982-12-18    Niko's, Milwaukee, WI   (w/Husker Du, Tar Babies, Distain)   F
1982-12-25    Stages, Chicago, IL        (w/Circle Jerks)        F
1982-12-31    Niko's, Milwaukee, WI   (w/Sacred Order, Tense Experts, Tar Babies, Mecht Mensch, Suburban Mutilation) AE  F

1983-01-08    Starship, Milwaukee, WI   (w/Zero Boys)    F
1983-01-09    Zak's, Milwaukee, WI   (w/UK Subs)    F
1983-01-15    Niko's, Milwaukee, WI   (w/Willful Neglect, Sacred Order)    F
1983-01-21    Niko's, Milwaukee, WI   (w/Couch Potatoes)    F
1983-01-29    Metro, Chicago, IL   (w/The Exploited)
1983-02-18    Indianapolis Academy of the Arts, Indianapolis, IN   (w/Zero Boys, Moto X)    F
1983-02-26    The Upper Deck, Minneapolis, MN    (w/Tar Babies, Mecht Mensch)    F
1983-03-18    Central American Social Club, Chicago, IL   (w/Articles of Faith, Rights of the Accused)    F V
1983-04-02    Lost Dutchman's Mine, Milwaukee, WI   (w/The Shemps)    F
1983-04-17    Wil-Mar Centre   Madison, WI   (w/Minor Threat, Tar Babies, Mecht Mench)    F
1983-04-22    Nottingham Co-Op, Madison, W   (w/MDC, Tar Babies)    F
1983-04-23    Lost Dutchman's Mine, Milwaukee, WI   (w/MDC, G.F.O., Distain)    F
1983-04-27    Lost Dutchman's Mine, Milwaukee, WI    (w/Killing Children. Tar Babaies, Prestige)
1983-05-27    Lost Dutchman's Mine, Milwaukee, WI   (w/DOA, Tar Babies)    F
1983-05-30    Blair's House, Kansas City, MO (house party)   (w/Choke)
1983-05-31    Oak Street Project, Kansas City, MO   AE
1983-06-01    Crystal Pistol, Tulsa, OK
1983-06-02    Tupelo's Tavern, New Orleans, LA    (w/Offenders)    F
1983-06-03    Island, Houston, TX (w/Offenders, Crotch Rot, Doomsday Massacre)    F
1983-06-04    The Ritz, Austin, TX        (w/Offenders, Crotch Rot, NOTA, Power Thru Discipline)    F
1983-06-05    Raw Power, San Antonio, TX    (w/N.O.T.A., Offenders, The Bang Gang)    F
1983-06-10    Terry 'n' Zekes, Tucson, AZ    (w/Conflict)    F
1983-06-11    Madison Square Gardens, Phoenix, AZ   (w/Big Boys, JFA)    F
1983-06-17    ?, Los Angeles, CA   (w/7 Seconds, Agression, Youth Brigade, Stretch Marks)    F
1983-06-18    The Dungeon, Santa Anna, CA (w/Youth Brigade, Agression, 7 Seconds, Stretch Marks)(Show cancelled, moved to 1983-07-17)    F
1983-06-22    Shamus O'Briens, South El Monte, CA   (w/Sin 34, Kent State, Decry, Boss Hoggs)    F
1983-06-24    Tool & Die, San Francisco, CA   (w/Verbal Abuse, Tales Of Terror, Bad Influence)
1983-07-01    On Broadway, San Francisco, CA   (w/Articles Of Faith, Really Red, Sado-Nation)
1983-07-02    Tool & Die, San Francisco, CA   (w/Articles Of Faith, Really Red, Ribzy, Sado-Nation)    F   
1983-07-20    Irene J's, Milwaukee, WI   (w/B.G.K., Cause For Alarm, Disdain)    F
1983-08-01    3D Ballroom, Eugene, OR    (w/Poison Idea, Ether Teen)    F
1983-08-06    Screenworks, Denver, CO    (w/Lepers, Frantix, Wolfgang, The Premmies)    F
1983-08-10    Tiger Hotel Ballroom, Columbia, MO   (w/Causes of Tragedy, Croppy Boys)    F
1983-08-13    Northside Lanes, Green Bay, WI   (w/Suburban Mutilation, Blood Splash, Art Thieves, Malignance)   F
1983-08-18    Irene J's, Milwaukee, WI   (w/Crusties, Distain)   F
1983-08-25    Wil Mar, Madison, WI   (w/Big Boys, Killdozer)   F
1983-08-29    Irene J's, Milwaukee, WI   (w/Big Boys, Tar Babies, Crusties)   F
1983-09-02    Greystone Hall, Detroit, MI   (w/Big Boys, Latin Dogs)   F
1983-09-20    Beach Club, Orlando, FL   (w/Declared Ungovernable)

1984-02-24    Nottingham Co-Op, Madison, WI   (w/Husker Du, Tar Babies)   F
1984-02-25    A.V. Recreation Center, Oshkosh, WI   (w/Husker Du, Sacred Order, Suburban Mutilation)   F
1984-03-11    950 Lucky Number, Chicago, IL   (w/Husker Du, Nadsat Rebel)   F
1984-04-01    First Unitarian Church, Detroit, MI   (w/Negative Approach)   F A
1984-04-28    VFW Post, Milwaukee, WI    (w/Offenders)    F
1984-04-29    The West End, Chicago, IL   (w/The Offenders)   F
1984-05-09    Lefty's, Green Bay, WI   (w/No Response, Art Thieves)
1984-05-19    Jockey Club, Newport, KY    F
1984-06-09    VFW Post, Milwaukee, WI   (w/Couch Flambeau)   F
1984-06-15    Foolkiller, Kansas City, MO   (w/The Slabs)   F
1984-06-16    The Backyard, ?    (w/Power Of The Spoken Word, The Trendy Catholic)    F
1984-06-27    ?,?    (w/Boy Dirt Car, Fertility Beat)    F
1984-07-18    O'Cayz Corral, Madison, WI   (w/Killdozer)   F
1984-08-16    Twilight Room, Dallas, TX   (w/Minutemen, Saccharin Trust, October Faction, B.G.K.)   F
1984-08-18    Arcade Video Recreation Center, Oshkosh, WI   (w/Rebels and Infidels, S.U.M)   F
1984-08-19    Tut's, Chicago, IL (Album Release Party)    F
1984-08-28    Tut's, Chicago, IL (w/Life Sentence, Bloodsport)    F
1984-08-30    JB's, ?    (w/Cause For Alarm, Gumby's Revenge)    F
1984-09-02    New York South, Florence, NJ   (w/Meatmen, Adrenalin OD, Tales of Terror, Bedlam)   F
1984-09-07    Anthrax, Norwalk, CT   A
1984-09-20    Twilight Room, Dallas, TX   (w/DOA, The Offenders, Not For Sale)   F
1984-09-21    Villa Fontana, San Antonio, TX   (w/DOA, The Offenders, Shanghai Dog)   F
1984-09-22    Liberty Lunch, Austin, TX    (w/DOA, Offenders, Shanghi Dog)    F
1984-09-27    University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ   (w/Useless Pieces of Shit)   F
1984-09-29    Cathay de Grande, Hollywood, CA   A
1984-10-05    Melody Dance Centre, Long Beach, CA   (w/Abrasive Wheels, MIA, Love Canal)   F
1984-10-06    La Casa, Santa Barbara, CA   (w/Abrasive Wheels, Decry, Stalag 13)   F A
1984-10-09    Tropicana, Olympia, WA   A
1984-10-11    Satyricon, Portland, OR    (w/Poison Idea, Final Warning)    F
1984-10-12    Market Street Cinema, San Francisco, CA   (w/Dead Kennedys, Crucifucks)   F
1984-10-13    Club Fiji, Oakland, CA   (w/Special Forces, Death Sentence, Target of Demand)   F
1984-10-14    Mabuhay Gardens, San Francisco, CA    (w/The Afflicted, Private Outrage)
1984-10-16    Indian Centre, Salt Lake City, UT   (w/Victims Willing, Avon Calling)   F
1984-11-xx    7th Street Entry, Minneapolis. MN
1984-11-11    The Smart Bar, Chicago, IL   (w/Decry, Stretch Marks)   F A
1984-11-25    The Ritz, Austin, TX   (w/Offenders, Inepts)   F
1984-11-30    Wil Mar, Madison, WI    (w/Crucifucks, Mecht Mensch)    F
1984-12-06    Cafe Voltaire, Milwaukee, WI    (w/Three In A Tree)    F
1984-12-16    7th Street Entry, Minneapolis, MN   (w/Boy Dirt Car)    F    A       

1985-02-01    Yanos, Milwaukee, WI    (w/Boy Dirt Car)    F
1985-02-12    Underground, Milwaukee, WI        F
1985-02-13    VIP Lounge, ?, ?    (w/Painful Discharge, Plasma Allowance)    F
1985-02-14    Jockey Club, Newport, KY   (w/SS20)   F
1985-02-16    688, Atlanta, GA    (w/The Night Porters)    F
1985-02-19    St. Columba, Columbus, IN   (w/The Repellents, Malignant Growth, The Pattern, A.Y.C.P.)    F
1985-02-23    Liberty Lunch, Austin, TX   (w/Offenders, NOTA)   F
1985-02-24    Twilight Room, Dallas, TX   (w/Sketch)   F
1985-02-25    Native American Centre, Oklahoma City, OK
1985-03-01    Wil Mar, Madison, WI    (w/Appliances SFB)    F
1985-03-30    Mabuhay Gardens, Los Angeles, CA   (w/DJ Rat)   F
1985-04-19    ?, Iowa City, IA (w/Baby Hot-Line, Ramp Jam)    F
1985-04-26    Hungry Brain, Detroit, MI   (w/Asexuals, Angry Red Planet, Nine Hells)   F V
1985-04-27    Traxx, Detroit, MI   (w/The Minutemen, Laughing Hyenas)   F
1985-05-02    Turner Hall, Madison, WI   (w/The Minutemen)    F
1985-05-18    Captain Colby's, Bloomington, IN   (w/Killing Children, 149 Dead Marines, Blood Farmers)    F
1985-05-23    Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville, IL   (w/Love Tractor, Blind Idiot God)   F
1985-05-25    Underground, Milwaukee, WI    (w/Appliances)    F
1985-06-12    1st Avenue, Minneapolis, MN   (w/Husker Du, Process Blue)    F
1985-06-22    Century Hall, Milwaukee, WI   (w/Husker Du)    F
1985-07-18    O'Cayz Corral, Madison, WI    (w/Killdozer)    F
1985-07-23    Paradise Theatre, Boston, MA   A
1985-07-25    Peppermint Lounge, NYC, NY   (w/Articles of Faith)
1985-07-26    Elk's Lodge, Atlantic City, NJ   (w/Articles of Faith, Electric Love Muffin)   F V
1985-07-27    Pi Lam Frat House@University of Philadelphia, PA   (w/Offenders, Diatribe, NOFX)    F    P
1985-07-28    City Gardens, Trenton, NJ   (w/Govt. Issue, Redd Kross)   F
1985-07-29    Living Room, Providence, RI   (w/Gang Green, Offenders, Verbal Assault, Positive Outlook)    F
1985-07-31    The Electric Banana, Pittsburgh, PA    (w/Rhythm Pigs, Pagan Rite)    F
1985-08-01    Statches, Columbus, OH   (w/Sonic Youth)   F P
1985-08-02    Hungry Brain, Polish Army Veterans Hall, Detriot, MI    (w/Reptile House, 13th Key)    F
1985-08-16    The Starlite Room, Milwaukee, WI  (w/The Offenders, 7 Seconds)   F
1985-08-27    Foolkiller, Kansas City, MO    (w/The Offenders)    F
1985-08-28    Sports Palace, St. Louis, MO    (w/Offenders, Murphys Law)    F
1985-09-04    688, Atlanta, GA    (w/The Wake)
1985-09-13    Westside Community Centre, Gainsville, FL    (w/Mutley Chix, Hell Witch, Swamp Medicine)    F
1985-09-14    Cameo Theatre, Miami, FL   (w/Amazing Grace, The Drills)   F
1985-09-17    The Brewery, Raleigh, NC   (w/Ugly Americans, Unseen Force, Corpss)   F
1985-09-22    Eutaw Clubhouse, Baltimore, MD    (w/Contraband, Spastic Rats)        F
1985-09-27    The Anthrax, Norwalk, NJ   (w/76% Uncertain)   F
1985-09-28    Showplace, Dover, NJ   (w/Direct Action, Gang Green, Bodies In Panic)
1985-09-29    CBGB's, NYC, NY   (w/Gang Green, Ring of Fire)
1985-10-01    Day House, Morgantown, PA   (w/Inbred, D-Formed)   F
1985-10-03    Statches, Columbus, OH    (w/R.L. Mob)    F
1985-10-12    Metro, Chicago, IL   (w/Corrosion of Conformity, Zoetrope)   F
1985-11-08    7th Street Entry, Minneapolis, MN   (w/Necros, The Not)   F
1985-11-09    O'Cayz Corral, Madison, WI    (w/Killdozer)
1985-11-16    Graystone Hall, Detroit, MI   (w/Butthole Surfers, Big Black)   F
1985-11-21    Jed's, New Orleans, LA    (w/Raw Power)    F
1985-11-22    Cabaret Voltaire III, Houston, TX   (w/Bark Hard)   F
1985-11-23    Circle-A-Ranch, Dallas, TX   (w/Mel Coolies)   F AE?
1985-11-26    Subterrania, Norman, OK   F
1985-11-29    Party Gardens, Phoenix, AZ
1985-11-30    Balboa Theatre, San Diego, CA   (w/JFA, SWA, The Faction, B'Last)   F V
1985-12-06    The Farm, San Francisco, CA        F A
1985-12-07    Olympic Auditorium, Los Angeles, CA   (w/Motorhead)   F
1985-12-11    1st Avenue, Minneapolis, MN   A
1985-12-13    Starlite Roll Arena, Brown Deer, WI   (w/Motorhead, Trouble, Crusties)   F A

1986-01-01    Cafe Voltaire, Milwaukee, WI
1986-01-04    Cafe Voltaire, Milwaukee, WI   (w/Crusties)   F A
1986-01-10    The Whole, Minneapolis, MN
1986-02-07    299 Club Everything, ?    (w/We Hate Cake)    F
1986-02-08    Club De Wash, Madison, WI
1986-02-10    Jed's, New Orleans, LA    (w/Offenders, Scratch Acid, Hickoids)    F
1986-02-19    Lifticket Lounge, Omaha, NE   (w/Apathy, R.A.F.)   F
1986-02-21    Graystone Hall, Detroit, MI   (w/Big Black)   F
1986-02-22    Hoosier Ballroom, Indianapolis, IN    (w/Boy Dirt Car, Chainhead)    F
1986-02-23    No Bar and Grill, Bloomington, IN   (w/Boy Dirt Car)   F
1986-02-24    Stepan Center, University of Notre Dame, IN   (w/Marauder, Adam-12)    F
1986-02-25    Turner Hall, Milwaukee, WI    (w/Appliances SFB - October File Release Party)    F
1986-02-28    Metro, Chicago, IL   (w/Killdozer, Dead Milkmen)   F
1986-03-15    Cafe Voltaire, Milwaukee, WI   (w/Liquid Pink)   F
1986-03-21    Pine St. Theatre, Portland, OR   (w/Dr. Know, Blast, Boy Dirt Car)   F
1986-04-19    Papagaio, Milwaukee, WI        (w/Red Lorry Yellow Lorry)        F
1986-05-17    Cafe Voltaire, Milwaukee, WI   (OCTOBER FILE release party, w/Boy Dirt Car)   F
1986-05-25    Turner Hall, Madison, WI   (Record Release Show For October File  w/Appliances-SFB)   F
1986-06-01    Irving Plaza, New York, NY    (w/Meatmen)
1986-06-02    Living Room, Providence, RI   (w/Meatmen, Psycho)   F
1986-06-03    Newport Music Hall, Columbus, OH   (w/Meatmen)   F
1986-06-05    Graystone Hall, Detroit, MI   (w/Meatmen)   F
1986-06-06    Jockey Club, Newport, KY   (w/Meatmen, Active Ingredients)    F    A
1986-06-07    Variety Theatre, Cleveland, OH    (w/Meatmen, Helikopter Meat)    F
1986-06-xx    Statches, Columbus, OH   P
1986-06-21    Eagles Club Ballroom, Milwaukee, WI   (w/PIL)
1986-06-2x    Galvan Ballroom, Corpus Christi, TX
1986-06-29    Cafe Voltaire, Milwaukee, WI   (w/Dark Facade, Crusties, Tambours, Boy Dirt Car)   F
1986-07-03    Great Scott's Depot, Lexington, KY   (w/Happy Death)   F
1986-07-04    Metroplex, Atlanta, GA    (/Moment Of Silence)
1986-07-08    Celebrity Club, ?, ?   (w/Drivin' and Cryin')
1986-07-10    The Vatican, Gainesville, FL    (w/Descendents, Dag Nasty)    F
1986-07-12    Lincoln Theatre, Miami Beach, FL    (w/Descendents, Dag Nasty, The Drills)    F
1986-07-16    W.C. Dons, Jackson, MS
1986-07-17    Jed's, New Orleans, LA   (w/No Trend, Shell Shock)   F
1986-07-19    American Legion Hall, New Orleans, LA   (w/Christ On Parade, No Trend)   F
1986-07-27    Velvet Underground, Oklahoma City, OK   (w/Face First)   F
1986-08-16    Underground, Milwaukee, WI   (w/Del Ametri, Crusties)   F
1986-08-29    Graystone Hall, Detroit, MI   (w/Killdozer, Butthole Surfers)   F V
1986-09-05    O'Cayz Corral, Madison, WI    (w/Couch Flambeau)
1986-09-19    7th Street Entry, Minneapolis, MN   A
1986-09-20    Cabaret Metro, Chicago, IL   (w/Wasted Youth, Life Sentance)   F
1986-09-24    Electric Banana, Pittsburgh, PA
1986-09-26    Dillsburgh Fire Hall, Dillsburgh, PA    (w/Hauntz, Sindicate, Rancid Decay)    F
1986-09-27    CBGB's, NYC, NY   (w/Suicide, Ritual Tension, Yuh Boys)    F    P
1986-09-28    Maxwell's, Hoboken, NJ    F
1986-09-29    Cat Club, NYC, NY   (w/Gutbank, Sloth)   F
1986-10-02    Living Room, Providence, RI        (w/Volcano Suns, Verbal Assault)        F
1986-10-03    The Annie Club, New London, CT    (w/The Violators)
1986-10-04    TT The Bear's, Cambridge, MA   (w/Phantom Tollbooth)   AE S
1986-10-07    Lost Horizon, Syracuse, NY   A
1986-10-10    Ukranian National Federation Hall, Toronto, ON   (w/DRI, Dr. Know)   F
1986-10-10*  The Bridge, Toronto, ON   (w/DRI) (*show moved?*)   F
1986-10-12    Kennel Club, Philadelphia, PA    (w/Phantom Tollbooth, Tons Of Nuns)
1986-10-15    The Rhythm Alley, Chapel Hill, NC   (w/Wasted Youth)   F
1986-10-17    The Fallout Shelter, Raleigh, NC   (w/Black Girls)   F
1986-07-16    W.C. Dons, Jackson, MS
1986-10-30    Theatre Gallery, Dallas, TX   (w/Three on a Hill)   F
1986-11-05    Cave Club, ?    F
1986-11-07    Outhouse, Lawrence, KS   F S
1986-11-08    Hoosier Ballroom, Indianapolis, IN    (w/Reality Vs. This, Jot)    F V
1986-11-22    ABC Boxing, Green Bay, WI   (w/Cherry Cake, Tire Buddiez, Withdraw)   F
1986-11-29    The Building Lounge, Dayton, OH    (w/Poetic Justice, New Creatures)
1986-11-30    The Cyprus, Toledo, OH    (w/The Stain, Blank Schatz, Majority Of One)    F
1986-12-05    O'Cayz Corral, Madison, WI    (w/Boy Dirt Car, Cherry Cake)    F

1987-01-03    Cafe Voltaire, Milwaukee, WI   (w/ The Johnsons)   F
1987-01-10    Bogart's, Cincinatti, OH   (w/Man Witch, Flipper - who didn't show)    F    V
1987-01-11    Cabaret Metro, Chicago, IL   (w/Flipper, The Stupids, Ludichrist, No Entry)   F
1987-01-16*   WUST Radio Hall, Washington, DC (*DK cancelled, SNFU replaced)
1987-01-31    Concordia Ballroom, La Crosse, WI    (w/Baby Astronauts, P.I.A.B.)
1987-02-17    Century Hall, Milwaukee, WI
1987-02-20    Central, Iowa, IA
1987-03-05    Crossroads, OU Student Union, Oklahoma City, OK    (w/Angry Red Planet)
1987-03-19    Women's Club, Spokane, WA   (w/ SNFU, Boy Dirt Car, Shatterhead)    F
1987-03-20    Pine Street Theatre, Portland, OR   (w/Dr. Know, B'Last)   F
1987-03-21    Crescent Ballroom, Tacoma, WA   (w/Dr. Know, Accused)   F
1987-03-25    V.I.S. Club, San Francisco, CA   F
1987-03-29    Club Can't Tell, Sacramento, CA   (w/Dag Nasty, Doggy Style)   F
1987-03-30    The Mab, San Francisco, CA   (w/Frightwig, Bulemia Banquet)   F
1987-04-03    Oxnard Community Centre, Oxnard, CA    (w/Social Distortion, Dr. Know, Justice League)   F
1987-04-04    Prisms, Chandler, AZ   (w/B'LAST!, Boy Dirt Car, A.R.R.)   F AE
1987-04-07    Continental Club, Austin, TX    (w/Boy Dirt Car)
1987-04-10    Outhouse, Lawrence, KS   (w/Boy Dirt Car)   F
1987-04-17    Theta Xi Frat, Northwestern University, Evanston, IL
1987-04-18    Cafe Voltaire, Milwaukee, WI   F
1987-05-13    Bunky's, Madison, WI   (w/White Zombie)   F
1987-05-24    Club De Wash, Madison, WI   (w/Cherry Cake)   F
1987-05-30    Club Stodola, Chicago, IL   (w/Barbie Army)
1987-06-03    Shooterz, Milwaukee, WI    F
1987-06-19    Eagles Club, Milwaukee, WI    (w/Meatmen)    F
1987-07-02    Summerfest, Milwaukee, WI   (w/Cherry Cake, Plasticland, Trip Shakespeare)
1987-07-12    James Madison Park, Madison, WI   (w/Tar Babies, Burning Ernies and Middle Pillar)   F
1987-07-29    Shooterz, Milwaukee, WI   F
1987-08-08    7th Street Entry, Minneapolis, MN   (w/Paul K and the Weathermen, Boy Dirt Car)   F
1987-08-25    Unicorn, Milwaukee, WI   (w/Rebel Waltz)   F
1987-08-28    O'Cayz Corral, Madison, WI    (w/Angry Red Planet)    F
1987-09-05    Café Voltaire, Milwaukee, WI   (w/Paul K and the Weathermen)   F
1987-09-06    Café Voltaire, Milwaukee, WI   (w/Paul K and the Weathermen)   F
1987-09-18    Irving Plaza, NYC, NY   (w/Flipper, Live Skull)        F
1987-09-19    Godfrey's Ballroom, Baltimore, MD   (w/Flipper)
1987-09-26    Dillsburg Firehall, Dillsburg, PA   (w/Hauntz, Sindicate, Rancid Decay, V.S.D.)   F P
1987-09-27    Bogart's, Cincinnatti, OH   (w/Pussy Galore)
1987-10-01    Staches, Columbus, OH   P
1987-12-06    Headliner's, Madison, WI    (w/Husker Du)
1987-12-07    Riverside Ballroom, Green Bay, WI   (w/Husker Du)   F A

1988-01-15    Silver Dollar, Toronto, ON   (w/Laughing Hyenas, Killdozer)    F
1988-01-16    Paycheck's Lounge, Hamtramck, MI    (w/Laughing Hyenas)   F AE?
1988-01-23    Unicorn, Milwaukee, WI   (w/Paul K and the Weathermen, Demon)
1988-02-07    CBGB's, NYC, NY   (w/6 Finger Satellite, Smashing Orange, Sex Pod, Frampton Bros.)
1988-02-26    Lefty's, Green Bay, WI   (w/Depo)    F
1988-02-27    O'Cayz Corral, Madison, WI   (w/3 On Fire)
1988-03-04    CBGB's, NYC, NY   (w/Das Damen, Chain Gang, Strip Miners)    F    A
1988-03-05    ?, Philadelphia, PA    (w/Deadspot)    F
1988-03-06    TT the Bear's, Cambridge, MA   (w/White Zombie, Slaughter Shack, Apology)   F
1988-03-07    Lafayette St. Club, NYC, NY    F
1988-03-12    Odd Rock Cafe, Milwaukee, WI
1988-03-19    ?, Chicago, IL    (w/Rhythm Pigs, Laughign Hyenas)    F
1988-03-26    Babylon Babylon, Lexington, KY   (w/Paul K and the Weathermen)
1988-04-09    O'Cay's Corral, Madison, WI   (w/Laughing Hyenas)
1988-04-22    7th Street Entry, Minneapolis, MN   (w/Babes In Toyland)
1988-05-06    Jockey Club, Newport, KY   (w/White Zombie, 101 Damnations)    F
1988-05-07    Statches, Columbus, OH   (w/White Zombie)    F    P
1988-05-13    Bunky's Cafe, Madison, WI   (w/White Zombie, Babes In Toyland)    F
1988-05-14    Odd Rock Cafe, Milwaukee, WI   (w/Babes In Toyland)   F
1988-05-15    Olivers, Indianapolis, IN   (w/Psycho, Babes In Toyland)   F V
1988-05-27    Cubby Bear, Chicago, IL   (w/Laughing Hyenas)   F
1988-05-28    ?, Green Bay, WI   (w/Down By Law)
1988-06-02    Penguin Pub, Youngstown, OH   (w/Sacred Hate)    F
1988-06-03    Maxwell's, Hoboken, NJ    (w/Salem 66)    F A
1988-06-04    DC Space, Washington, DC   (w/Paul K and the Weathermen)   F
1988-06-05    Bacchanal, Philadelphia, PA   (w/Paul K and the Weathermen)   F
1988-06-10    B-Side Club, Kalamazoo, MI   (w/Elvis Hitler)
1988-06-12    Bookies, Detroit, MI   (w/Laughing Hyenas)   A
1988-06-17    Tewligans, ?, ?    (w/Paul K and the Weathermen)    F
1988-06-18    Babylon Babylon, Lexington, KY   (w/Paul K and the Weathermen)
1988-07-07    Summerfest, Milwaukee, WI   (w/Underworld, The Smithereens)
1988-07-09    Odd Rock Cafe, Milwaukee, WI   (w/Rollins Band)(Century Days Release Party)        F
1988-07-15    Orpheum, Kenosha, WI   (w/Flowers Of Death)   F
1988-07-25    Stone Toad, Milwaukee, WI   (Benefit for Caleb Lentzner)
1988-08-xx    7th Street Entry, Minneapolis, MN
1988-08-25    40 Watt Club, Athens, GA        
1988-08-26    Cotton Club, Atlanta, GA   (w/Drivin' and Cryin')   V
1988-08-27    Cotton Club, Atlanta, GA   (w/Drivin' and Cryin')   V
1988-09-01    Blue Note, Columbia, MO   (w/Laughing Hyenas)
1988-09-03    Outhouse, Lawrence, KS   (w/Laughing Hyenas, Drowning Incident)   F
1988-09-11    Cubby Bear, Chicago, IL   (w/Bad Religion, L-7. Bulemia Banquet)   F A
1988-09-15    Spirit Club, San Diego, CA        
1988-09-16    Alcohol Salad Bar, Los Angeles, CA
1988-09-19    I-Beam, San Francisco, CA    (w/Lyres)    F
1988-09-28    The Ritz, NYC, NY   (w/Hawkwind, Dreamspeak)    F
1988-10-02    Riverside, Newcastle, ENGLAND   (w/The Smoking Mirror)   S P
1988-10-03    T.J.'s, Newport, WALES   (w/The Smoking Mirror)
1988-10-05    Eden, Nottingham, ENGLAND   (w/The Smoking Mirror)   P
1988-10-06    Swinging Sporran, Manchester, ENGLAND    
1988-10-07    1 in 12 Club, Bradford, ENGLAND   (w/The Smoking Mirror, Cerebral Fix)   F
1988-10-08    Sir George Robey, London, ENGLAND   (w/Megazombie, Voiceless)        F A
1988-10-09    Zap Club, Brighton, ENGLAND   (w/The Smoking Mirror)   AE
1988-10-13    Mega's The Studio, Birmingham, ENGLAND   (w/The Smoking Mirror)
1988-10-14    Hand & Hart, Coventry, ENGLAND   (w/The Smoking Mirror)   P
1988-10-15    Planet X, Liverpool, ENGLAND   (w/Carcass, Ripcord, Joyce McKinney Exp.)   F    
1988-10-16    Astoria, London, ENGLAND   (w/Sonic Youth, Rapeman)
1988-10-17    Astoria, London, ENGLAND   (w/Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr.)
1988-10-19    Melkweg, Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS
1988-10-21    Simplon, Groeningen, NETHERLANDS   (w/Hophead)
1988-10-22    O.O.C., Venlo, NETHERLANDS
1988-10-23    De Gonz, Gouda, NETHERLANDS
1988-10-24    Mitternacht, Hamburg, GERMANY   A
1988-10-25    Ecstasy, Berlin, GERMANY
1988-10-27    Somerville Theatre, Somerville, Boston, MA   (w/Sonic Youth, Laughing Hyenas)   F A
1988-10-28    The Ritz, NYC, NY   (w/Sonic Youth, Laughing Hyenas)    F    A
1988-10-29    Lost Horizon, Syracuse, NY   (w/Sonic Youth, Laughing Hyenas)    F
1988-10-31    Newport Music Hall, Columbus, OH    (w/Sonic Youth, Laughing Hyenas)   F
1988-11-01    Peabody's Down Under, Cleveland, OH   (w/Sonic Youth, Laughing Hyenas)
1988-11-02    DC Space, Washington, DC
1988-11-03    Rockets, Richmond, VI
1988-11-05    Cabaret Metro, Chicago, IL   (w/Sonic Youth, Laughing Hyenas)   F A
1988-11-06    Wally Gator's, Madison, WI   (w/Sonic Youth, Laughing Hyenas)   F A
1988-11-07    First Avenue, Minneapolis, MN   (w/Sonic Youth, Laughing Hyenas)
1988-11-11    Satyricon, Portland, OR   (w/Skinyard, Hellcows)   F
1988-11-13    Club Soda, Vancouver, CANADA    F
1988-11-15    The Fillmore, San Francisco, CA   (w/Sonic Youth)   F
1988-11-17    The Roxy, Los Angeles, CA            
1988-11-18    Covered Wagon Saloon, San Francisco, CA   (w/RKL, Speed Racer)   F
1988-11-19    The Roxy, Los Angeles, CA   (w/Sonic Youth)
1988-11-23    Axiom, Houston, TX
1988-11-25    Bottle Neck, Lawrence, KS
1988-12-10    Odd Rock Cafe, Milwaukee, WI   (w/Monkey Bar)   F
1988-12-11    Odd Rock Cafe, Milwaukee, WI   (w/Monkey Bar)   F
1988-12-31    Unicorn, Milwaukee, WI    (w/Johnny and the Losers, Wild Kingdom, Shotgun Rationale, Run Westy Run, Nickel 98)    F

1989-01-17    Odd Rock Café, Milwaukee, WI   (recorded for the 'Gone Away' EP)   A
1989-01-21    'Gone Away' recording session, Smart Studios, Madison, WI
1989-01-22    'Gone Away' recording session, Smart Studios, Madison, WI
1989-01-29    Beach Club, Orlando, FL   P
1989-04-02    VFW Hall, Green Bay, WI    (w/Rebel Waltz, Swanki Falcons)
1989-02-22    'Gone Away' live tracks mixing session, Smart Studios, Madison, WI
1989-04-22    Dreamerz, Milwaukee, WI   (w/My Dad Is Dead, Bowery Boys)   F
1989-04-23    Endless Night, Rockford, IL   (w/The Bowery Boys)   F
1989-04-29    Odd Rock Café, Milwaukee, WI   (w/War On The Saints)   F
1989-05-27    Omnibus, Milwaukee, WI   (w/Couch Flambeau, Appliances, Weatherman)   F
1989-06-15    The Majestic Theatre Centre, Detroit, MI    F
1989-06-16    Apocalypse Club, Toronto, ON CANADA
1989-06-17    Stone Temple, Pittsburgh, PA   (w/Universal Congress Of)
1989-06-18    Staches, Columbus, OH   (w/Carnival Of Souls)   P
1989-06-21    9:30 Club, Washington, DC   (w/Uniform Choice)    F
1989-06-22    JC Dobb's, Philadelphia, PA   (w/Dead Spot)
1989-06-23    CBGB's, NYC, NY   (w/Live Skull, Skunk)   A
1989-06-24    The Rat, Boston, MA   (w/Big Tube Squeezer, Green Magnet School, Slaughter Shack)
1989-06-25    Fou Founes Electriques, Montreal, QC CANADA   (CANCELLED)
1989-06-28    Cabaret Metro, Chicago, IL   (w/Hollowmen, God's Acre)
1989-06-29    Mabel's, Champagne, IL   (w/The Bowery Boys)
1989-06-30    Summerfest, Milwaukee, WI        
1989-07-01    7th Street Entry, Minneapolis, MN
1989-07-02    7th Street Entry, Minneapolis, MN
1989-08-24    J.C. Dobbs, Philadelphia, PA   V
1989-08-25    Unicorn, Milwaukee, WI   (w/Rebel Waltz)
1989-09-07    Blue Note, Columbus, OH
1989-09-08    Bottleneck, Lawrence, KS
1989-09-09    Old Bernard Pub, St. Louis, MO    (w/Savage Penguins, Blockhead, Justified Violence)    F
1989-09-11    Grand Emporium, Kansas City, MO
1989-09-12    Gabe's, Iowa City, IA   AE
1989-09-14    Cannibal Club, Austin, TX        (w/Straw Dogs)
1989-09-15    Liberty Lunch, Austin, TX   (w/Tyrant Swing, Ed Hall)
1989-09-16    Axiom, Houston, TX
1989-09-19    Grand Finale's, Tallahassee, FL        (w/Gruel)        F
1989-09-20    Beach Club, Orlando, FL   F
1989-09-22    Churchill's Hideaway, Miami, FL
1989-09-23    40 Watt Club, Athens, GA
1989-09-24    Cotton Club, Atlanta, GA        F
1989-09-26    Cat's Cradle, Chapel Hill, NC
1989-09-28    J.C. Dobbs, Philadelphia, PA
1989-09-29*  ?, NYC, NY (*unconfirmed show)
1989-09-30    Maxwell's, Hoboken, NJ (w/Fish And Roses)    F
1989-10-01    Court Tavern, New Brunswick, NJ
1989-10-02    Bunratty's, Boston, MA
1989-10-04    9:30 Club, Washington, DC
1989-10-05    J.C. Dobbs, Philadelphia, PA   (w/Neo-Alloy)   F VE
1989-10-07    Bogart's, Cincinnati, OH
1989-10-08    Rockledge, Lexington, KY
1989-10-11    Barrymore Theatre, Madison, WI    (w/Butthoe Surfers)    F    AE
1989-10-29    Stone Toad, Milwaukee, WI        
1989-11-03    Council Fire Room, Eau Claire, WI    (w/Big Drill Car)
1989-11-25    Bottleneck, Lawrence, KS   (w/Gardrails, Mudhead)   F
1989-12-01    VFW Hall, Oshkosh, WI    (w/Rebel Waltz, Smart Dogs)    F
1989-12-02    The Unicorn, Milwaukee, WI   (w/The Bowery Boys)   F
1989-12-03    The Unicorn, Milwaukee, WI   (w/The Bowery Boys)   F
1989-12-07    Greyhound, Fulham, London, ENGLAND    (w/Edsel Auctioneer, The Lerts)    F
1989-12-10    Edward's #8, Birmingham, ENGLAND   A
1989-12-12    B52, Monchengladbach, GERMANY
1989-12-14    L'uisine, Geneve, SWITZERLAND   (w/Soul Asylum)
1989-12-15    Frison, Fribourg, SWITZERLAND   (w/Soul Asylum)
1989-12-16    Rote Fabrik, Zurich, SWITZERLAND   (w/Soul Asylum)
1989-12-17    Hiroshima Mon Amour, Torino, ITALY
1989-12-19    K4, Ljubljana, SLOVENIA (formerly YUGOSLAVIA)
1989-12-20    L'Isola Del Cantiere, Bologna, ITALY   P A
1989-12-21    Bloom, Mezzago, ITALY
1989-12-23    OOC, Venlo, NETHERLANDS   F
1989-12-24    Schlachthof Hall, Bremen, GERMANY
1989-12-25    Burgerweeshuis, Deventer, NETHERLANDS
1989-12-26    Willem II, Den Bosch, NETHERLANDS    (w/MOG, Negazione)    F
1989-12-27    Fabrik, Hamburg, GERMANY   A
1989-12-28    Riders Café, Lubeck, GERMANY
1989-12-29    Ecstasy, Berlin, GERMANY
1989-12-30    Forum, Enger, GERMANY
1989-12-31    Rose Club, Koln, GERMANY        F

1990-01-03    U4, Wien, AUSTRIA
1990-01-04    Trust, Nurnburg, GERMANY   A
1990-01-05    Zirkus, Gammelsdorf, GERMANY
1990-01-06    Beatbaracke, Leonburg, GERMANY    F
1990-01-07    Negativ, Frankfurt, GERMANY        A
1990-01-08    Rockfabrik, Aachen, GERMANY
1990-01-09    FZW, Dortmund, GERMANY
1990-01-10    Schwimmbad, Heidelburg, GERMANY
1990-01-12    Turnhall Villingen, Schwenningen, GERMANY    F
1990-01-13    Drieluk, Zaandam, NETHERLANDS
1990-01-14    Democrazy, Gent, BELGIUM
1990-01-16    Montreuil, Paris, FRANCE   (w/Parkinson Square, Bloody and Heavy)   F
1990-01-18    Powerhaus, London, ENGLAND
1990-02-09    O'Cayz Corral, Madison, WI   (w/Jimmy the Go Go Man)   F
1990-02-10    7th Street Entry, Minneapolis, MN
1990-02-22    Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilanti, MI
1990-03-03    Unicorn, Milwaukee, WI   (private party for Dave Szolwinski's 40th birthday)   F VE
1990-03-04    The Shadow, Kansas City, MO    (w/Voivod, Soundgarden)    F
1990-03-16    CBGB's, NYC, NY   A
1990-04-06    Marquette University, Milwaukee, WI   (w/Caterwaul)   F
1990-04-26    'Pink Flag/Land of Treason' recording session, Smart Studios, Madison, WI
1990-05-04    Cabaret Metro, Chicago, IL   (w/Buffalo Tom)   F
1990-05-12    Chances R, ?, IL   (w/Trouble)
1990-05-16    'Pink Flag/Land of Treason' mixing session, Smart Studios, Madison, WI
1990-05-31    Esoteria, Milwaukee, WI   F
1990-06-30    Summerfest, Milwaukee, WI   (w/The Church)
1990-07-13    9:30 Club, Washington, DC    (w/Boss Hogg, Laughing Hyenas)
1990-07-14    CBGB's, NYC, NY
1990-07-16    Firenze Tavern, Philadelhia, PA
1990-07-17    Maxwells, Hoboken, NJ    (w/Our American Cousins, Gin Blossoms)    F
1990-07-28    3rd Floor@Walker's Point Centre, Milwaukee, WI   (w/Couch Flambeau, Monkey Bar)   F
1990-08-16    Pink Flag Released
1990-08-23    Shank Hall, Milwaukee, WI   (w/Down By Law)   F
1990-08-26    Cubby Bear, Chicago, IL    (w/Joker's Henchmen, Godspeaks)
1990-10-05    O'Cayz Corral, Madison, WI    F
1990-10-20    Earwaves, Milwaukee, WI   (w/Jesus Mansion)   F
1990-11-03    Edge of the Looking Glass, ?, ?    (w/Wreck, The Lonely Trojans)    F
1990-12-11    1st Avenue, Minneapolis, MN   (w/Soul Asylum)   F
1990-12-12    1st Avenue, Minneapolis, MN   (W/Soul Asylum)   F
1990-12-31    Unicorn, Milwaukee, WI

1991-01-25    Kutskas Hall, Green Bay, WI   (w/Black Eyed Susan, Inner City Sasquatch)    F
1991-01-26    Shank Hall, Milwaukee, WI   (w/Jesus Mansions)   A
1991-02-03    Toad Cafe, Milwaukee, WI
1991-02-05    Live at 10/36 TV Studio, Milwaukee, WI   V
1991-03-06    Twisters, Richmond, VA    (w/Guttersnipe, Hgual)   F
1991-03-09    The Polo Club, Madison, WI    (w/Chiltern Hundreds)
1991-03-22    Coliseum, Austin, TX   (SxSW Conference)    V
1991-04-03    Metro, Chicago, IL   (w/Gods Acre, Nerve Twins)
1991-04-25    Shank Hall, Milwaukee, WI   (w/Holy Ranger, Mikkel Brennen)
1991-05-04    Central Park Res. Room, Milwaukee, WI   (w/Appliances SFB, Monkey Bar, Couch Flambeau)   F
1991-05-21    Concert Hall, Toronto, ON   (w/Dinosaur Jr)
1991-05-22    Babylon, Cleveland, OH   (w/Vivians, Hostile Omish)   F
1991-05-23    St. Andrews Hall, Detroit, MI   (w/Dinosaur Jr)
1991-05-25    Vic Theatre, Chicago, IL   (w/Dinosaur Jr)
1991-06-01    Shank Hall, Milwaukee, WI
1991-07-06    Mad Planet, Milwaukee, WI   F
1991-07-07    Summerfest, Henry Maier Festival Park, Milwaukee, WI   (w/Drivin 'n' Cryin' etc.)   A
1991-07-08    1st Avenue, Minneapolis, MN   (w/Drivin' 'n' Cryin')    F
1991-07-13    Cabaret Metro, Chicago, IL    (w/Drivin' 'n' Cryin')
1991-07-27    VFW Hall, Oshkosh, WI   (w/Rebel Waltz)
1991-08-23    ?, Champaign, IL   (w/Gods Acre)   F
1991-09-22    Unicorn, Milwaukee, WI
1991-09-27    Shank Hall, Milwaukee, WI   (w/Nerve Twins)
1991-10-23    Esoteria, Milwaukee, WI   (w/Psychedelicasi, Muckrakers)
1991-10-30    Maxwell's, Hoboken, NJ   (w/Poster Children, Das Damen, Antenna)
1991-10-31    TT The Bear's, Cambridge, MA    (w/Magnet School, Thudpucker)
1991-11-01    CBGB's, NYC, NY   (w/Das Damen)   A
1991-11-02    Moon, New Haven, CT    (w/Doughboys)
1991-11-03    City Gardens, Trenton, NJ    (w/Doughboys, Jawbox)    F
1991-11-08    Camden Campus Center, Medford, NJ    (w/Dominance)
1991-11-09    ?, Washington, DC   *unconfirmed*
1991-11-15    Mad Planet, Milwaukee, WI
1991-11-23    Mad Planet, Milwaukee, WI   (w/Psychedelicasi, Muckrakers, Lot Boy Steele)
1991-12-21    Cabaret Metro, Chicago, IL   (w/Pigface)    F
1991-12-27    Shank Hall, Milwaukee, WI   (w/Sometime Sweet Susan)   F

1992-01-02    Unicorn, Milwaukee, WI   (w/Muckrakers)
1992-01-10    Boardwalk, Milwaukee, WI   (w/Muckrakers, Crime Family, Screaming Willies)
1992-01-16    Mississippi Nights, St. Louis, MO    (w/Dazzling Killmen, House of Thieves)   F V
1992-01-17    Blue Note, Columbia, MO
1992-01-18    Outhouse, Lawrence,KS    (w/Paw, Sideshow)    F
1992-01-19    Gabe's, Iowa City, IA   AE
1992-01-20    Neo, Kansas City, MO   (w/Season To Risk)   F
1992-01-21    ?, Oklahoma City, OK
1992-01-22    Club Clearview, Dallas, TX
1992-01-23    Cannibal Club, Austin, TX
1992-01-25    Axiom, Houston, TX   F
1992-01-27    Night Owl, Pensacola, FL
1992-01-29    The Beach Club, Orlando, FL    (w/Daisy Slow)   F
1992-01-30    The Alternative Store, Tampa, FL (instore acoustic set)   F
1992-01-30    The Ritz, Tampa, FL   F
1992-01-31    Club 506, Tallahassee, FL    (w/Daisy, Skull Train)
1992-02-01    Masquerade, Atlanta, GA
1992-02-04    40 Watt Club, Atlanta, GA
1992-02-07    CBGB's, NYC, NY   A V
1992-02-08    Khyber Pass, Philadelphia, PA   A V
1992-02-09    Moon, New Haven, CT   A
1992-02-11    Bunratty's, Boston, MA    (w/Hullabaloo, Slumgullion)
1992-02-13    Rockin' Rex Records, Yonkers, NY (instore acoustic set)   A
1992-02-14    Maxwell's, Hoboken, NJ   (w/Bewitched, Sugar Shack)   A F
1992-02-15    9:30 Club, Washington, DC    (w/Psychefunkapus, Sweet Lizard Illtet)    F
1992-02-18    Chilly's, Cincinatti, OH
1992-02-22    Unicorn, Milwaukee, WI
1992-02-23    Atomic Records, Milwaukee, WI (instore acoustic set)   AE F S
1992-02-28    Club De Wash, Madision, WI    (w/Sniper Q)    F
1992-02-29    Lounge Ax, Chicago, IL   F S
1992-03-06    Town Pump, Vancouver, BC, CANADA    F
1992-03-07    Satyricon, Portland, OR    (w/Thrillhammer, Angstaffen, Forehead)    F

1992-03-09        Cattle Club, Sacramento, CA    (w/Elegy, Nothing But a Nightmare)    F

1992-03-13    Club Lingerie, Hollywood, CA    (w/Simple Truth)
1992-03-14    Winter's, San Diego, CA   (w/Tool)        
1992-04-01    UW-M Ballroom, Milwaukee, WI   (w/Blackfish, Feck)   F S

2012-05-26    "Lest We Forget"@Turner Hall, Milwaukee, WI   F V A P
                        (w/Tense Experts, 3X-Cleavers, Sacred Order, Dominoes, Dummy Club, St. Bernard,
                        Lubricants, 3 on Fire, Rock-A-Dials, Blackholes, Xposed 4Heads, Liv Mueller)

2013-04-20    "Roadburn Festival" (Main Stage)@013, Tilburg, NETHERLANDS   (w/High on Fire, Godflesh etc)   F V A P
2013-04-21    "Roadburn Festival" (Green Room)@013, Tilburg, NETHERLANDS   (w/            F V A P
2013-05-25    Double Door, Chicago, IL   (w/We Are Hex, Canadian Rifle)   F
2013-05-26    Turner Hall, Milwaukee, WI   (w/We are Hex)   F P
2013-07-17    McCauliffe's Pub, Racine, WI   F
2013-07-18    High-Noon Saloon, Madison, WI   (w/Zebras, Aluminum Knot Eye)   F
2013-07-19    Phat Heads, Green Bay, WI   (w/Rev. Norb and the Onions, Scrap Heap Kings, Perfume)   F A
2013-07-20    Grumpy's, Minneapolis, MN   (w/Melvins, Mudhoney, Negative Approach)   F


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