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This section is for links, not necessarily Die Kreuzen related,

just stuff I think you might find useful or interesting...


The first, and only real Die Kreuzen fansite I ever found. It seems to have been desolate for a while now, but is well worth checking out for it's band overview and quality photo's from St. Louis in 1989:

Alternative Die Kreuzen Fansite


Dan Kubinski's current band Decapitado have a website. Support, support, support!:



Brian Egeness composes film soundtrack soundscapes. Check out his bio and some of his compositions here:

Brian Egeness


Latest Flame Records outta Chicago, IL is home to several post-Die Kreuzen bands, and proof that there is more to Chi than T&G... Dan Hanke provides a fast, friendly and reliable mail order service, fully endorsed by "Counting Cracks"! Support please!

Latest Flame Website

Latest Flame@MySpace


"Kill From The Heart" has a cracking Die Kreuzen page with a nice overview and some killer early record reviews:

 KFTH Die Kreuzen Page


Ron Faiola, master archivist of the Milwaukee scene, runs this site, where you'll find some very cool Die Kreuzen photos, anecdotes, flyers and video links. Plenty about the other bands from the area too!:

 Milwaukee Rock Posters


Jim Burns has an excellent Butthole Surfers live archive site, "Anal Obsession". Hugely inspirational to myself if collects all the known live shows etc. by the Buttholes. Currently Jim's managed to find over 700 listings!

Check it out, and help him out if you can...

The Anal Obsession

Anal Obsession Blog


Go here to find the unofficial Dead Kennedys live archive!

Live Dead Kennedys


a Residents fan site, endorsed by jschmoe:

Smokeydiablo runs the FEAR database, and he rocks... Check his site:



 Chris "i86time" is the proud daddy of the Jesus Lizard torrent site. You'll find nothing but lossless audio and video available FREE for download by the Jesus Lizard and related bands like Scratch Acid:

the Jesus Lizard Torrents

 - is an invaluable Hüsker Dü ive show/bootleg database. Including flyers and details of the venues themselves, it's an exhaustive archive of one of the underground's most hardworking bands:


 Like Big Black? Check out this nifty site right here:

Big Black Archive


And from the same gentleman, the killer Dementlieu Punk Archive! Features flyers, interviews, photos etc of all your favourite hardcore superstars!:

Dementlieu Punk Archive


...Which also happens to be the home of the Black Flag show guide:

 Black Flag Live Show Archive


Jay Brown AKA jfotoman not only took photo's of Die Kreuzen but also many of the other underground bands that came through Columbus, OH from the mid-1980's onwards, including Butthole Surfers, Didjits, Killdozer, Laughing Hyenas and too many more to mention. Check 'em at his Facebook page:!/pages/jfotoman/109580064384

Jay just launched a fund-raising project on a site called Kickstarter. He's trying to re-establish his concert photo career and fund a photo show as well. It's a cool concept. People can pledge as little or as much money as they want. It's all or nothing, so if he doesn't reach his goal, no one is charged. If he is successful, most people will get some sort of reward depending on how much they pledged. Check it out: 


 Oskari Olli runs a concert database for The Presidents of the United States of America not dissimilar to our very own timeline/showguide. He's also compiled a set of listings for similar sites for your favourite bands, go Oskari!


 MKEPunk is dedicated to keeping alive long out-of-print recordings by Milwaukee area bands, with an emphasis on punk/alternative. All free, all mp3, there is some truly great music to be had there, much cool.



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